"Quilt University" teachers now teach at
"Academy of Quilting"


Elizabeth Barton

Marilyn Belford

Ruth Blanchet

Nancy Chong

Pat Daniels

Barbara Dieges

Susan Dorchester

Daphne Greig

Jane Hall

Linda Schmidt

Michele Scott

and more teachers


Hello students and friends.....
As you may already know, Our dear former Dean and owner of Quilt University Carol Miller passed away. We will miss Carol as so many have enjoyed her fairness and she brought us the most creative and astonishing online classes for our enjoyment. Good news is, although Quilt University closed down, most of the teachers that taught for her moved to “Academy of Quilting” another online school that belongs to one of Carol's former teacher.
Yes, we now have most of your teachers from Quilt University set up to teach at the Academy and eager to teach you the best online classes with years of experience at affordable prices. Our new format provides much more in classes now and many also include videos.
You will also find new teachers who have been teaching at the Academy of Quilting. In addition, a new website through modern technology was created with "ease of use" for the user, (you the student) and is updated regularly. Your comments and ideas are taken very seriously so please tell us if there is a problem with navigation while surfing through the website or if you have any ideas to improve the website.
We must introduce your Dean of the "Academy of Quilting”. She is Ruth Blanchet. Ruth has taught classes with Carol for 13 years at Quilt University. She is a designer of quilt patterns, tutor of classes and owner of both the "AcademyofQuilting.com” and “ArbeeDesigns.com”. Arbee Designs sells quilt patterns, ebooks, and more. The big sellers are Ruth's florals so check it out. She welcomes all of you to join her online classes as well as direct any questions to her. She is wonderful to work with and is eager to help in any way. Any questions please contact her through the Academy of Quilting.
So now we ask you to try a class or two and experience the new concepts in online learning.

We have an Academy of Quilting facebook page. Please visit and share our page.